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My Shity Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

Mrs. Kippler is really refreshing and entertaining with her background in voiceacting. She provided excellent content in her career. Go check out her podcast and see what she is up to on her website:


Mar 22, 2022

Geoffrey is a  narrative designer for video games with a passion for interactive storytelling. As a writer with over 15 years experience, hia career spans multiple "medias": comics, audio fiction, tabletop games, cartoons. check out his website here;

Mar 15, 2022

Matthew Rangel will tell you what it is like in the day and life of a bartender you should check out his IG here matthew.t.rangel or his TikTok here:therealmattyr hope you enjoy as much as I do 

Mar 8, 2022

Clint shares stories of How he went from a loser driving a taxi for 6 years to multimillionaire Celebrity Entrepreneur and what he learned from international superstars and 5 US Presidents that helped him get to his life of luxury as told in the stories from his Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Wisdom Of The Men”

Mar 1, 2022

Sam and I talk about Beekeeping the amazing life of bees and why its important to care about these amazing little beings.check out his insta here: Sam Barimani

and If yo want to see more on bees check out his other IG here Stinson_bees