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My Shity Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

You are getting sleepy, your eyes are getting heavy, you will now fall into a deep trance...that is not at all how a Hypnotist works nor a Reiki Master for that matter! Tianna and I go over all the misconceptions that some of you jokers may or may not have out there about Hypnosis and we even go over the 7 Chakras!...

Dec 19, 2017

Glass dildos, sculptures, bongs in a museum and much much more! this episode Micah and I tap into the past of when he got started and how he has progressed into having his own personal studio and doing what he loves for a living. check out Micah here 

and check me out at

Dec 12, 2017

Tracy St. Croi not only deals with people here and now, she deals with the ones that have passed to the other side! ouija board (wee-geee board) we don't need no stinking Ouija board!(who knew thats how you spell it) Do you know what a spirit guide is? I hope you guys learn and enjoy this episode as much as I did! check...

Dec 5, 2017

Big thanks to Michael, Cold Towne, and the Victrola Podcast! for improv classes check out    

on this episode we dive into some old questions I wrote when I first started the podcast and Michael tells about how owning a comedy theater isn't all fun and games and how he got...

Nov 28, 2017

What Nudie Magazine did you first see as a kid? What would you feel to be an appropriate way to expose your child to the human figure? For some it be in a museum on an oil painting, some will be in health class, maybe an innocent nip slip from a pool party and for some it will be a glimpse in PeachFuzz Magazine!...