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My Shity Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Vito tells us his side of the story from last weeks episode with Andy Freeman and the Container Bar. I move "Top Picks" to the top of the hour with Alonzo Rios. Just like we always do we end with a poop story 


Jun 23, 2020

Andrew and I talk about how there was a suicide in his bar and how he got fired along with 13 others right before COVID 19 hit the service industry. stick around after the show for top picks with Alonzo Rios 

Jun 16, 2020

Why is this episode called the Whole Shabang? You will just have to wait until the poop story. Scott and I shoot the shit about Teaching working movie sets. Scott tells us about the "Christian Bale Rant" and lots more. stick around after the show to hear Top Picks with Alonzo Rios 

Jun 9, 2020

check out Dani at or check her YouTube channel out and subscribe or buy the book "word up". you can do all of this one the website listed above. stick around after the show to hear the new segment "top picks"